Friday, 28 October 2011

Dorset Days

Hi Guys, long time no blog. Rest assured, although I havn't posted in an age, I have been reading you posts on a regular basis! So much to catch up on... I'll do a seperate post on that, for now I thought I'd finally post these pictures, since my lovely best bud Michael went to all the trouble of taking them.

My summer holiday this year consisted of a jolly jaunt to Dorset with my brilliant friends for 3 days back in August. We stayed in a real thatched cottage (courtsey of the lovely Nicola), drank cider, frolicked in the hills, drank some more cider, explored the tiny towns, ate in quaint country pubs, played a lot of board games, and drank rather a lot of wine. Road tripping in England is the way forward.
The photos were taken in the garden of Nic's cottage in not so sunny Dorset. I'm wearing my favourite shorts ever, found at the start of July in a charity shop (I don't remember which one) in Mildenhall, kindly purchased for me by my mumma, for the princely sum  of £2.25. I love their sweet pale green check and perfect high-waisted cut. The top you've seen before, and the cardi is pure wool, warm, slouchy, and a bargain at £1, from the Isabelle Hospice shop in Harlow.

It's good to be back, although with all the huge exciting, life changing things going on right now (& I'm not even being sarcastic), I'm not so sure I'll be 'back' regularly! Oh well.

Lots of love,
VW x


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Sometimes real life gets in the way. you cant be blamed for that.
I love your hair btw x

Katie said...


Nice blog.
Came across it looking for images on google for my blog!
I like your comfy and casual outfits. Nice festival styling too!

Ioana-Carmen said...

Enjoy, and feel free to visit me. I hope you will consider of following each other! What do you think?