Monday, 27 December 2010

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas Everybody!

These are photos of me & my family on Christmas Eve! I'm sorry this isn't at all to do with fashion or culture or anything, we all kind of look naked in these photos haha, but I'm just having so much fun being with my family, and since I'm only here for a short time I'll just fill this post with festive family photos in the pool etc!

I have actually dragged my brother out into the garden (he lives inside on his x-box, even though its 39 bloody degrees here!!) on a few occasions this week to take some fashion photos, but he's no Testino, so I'll see how they've turned out & maybe schedule a post or two (as I'm off to the beach tomorrow and then the wineries on tuesday).

I hope you've all had a brilliant Christmas Day & Boxing Day where ever you are in the world and that santa/your parents/your boyfriend/friends etc spoilt you with some fab presents! I will post a picture of my haul at some point, highlights include a fake fur, rayban 'clubmasters' and 3 pairs of shoes <3

The only other thing I want to say is to remind you all to treasure your time with family and friends this holiday season! I don't know when I will be seeing my family again, and with them living on the opposite side of the globe and a very expensive plane ticket away, time here is precious. It's hard because I also miss my lovely boyfriend and best friends & wish I could have seen everyone this holiday, only 4 days 'til I'm back in not so sunny Essex for New Years Eve though, which will be fab!!

Check back for some pictures of my Christmas goodies, outfit posts & aussie vintage finds!

Lots of Love
VW x

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Perusing in Perth - Day 1

Hello lovies! I must apologise for the lack of posting, I had some beautiful things planned for last week - eg. what to wear for travelling and also this cute little winter outfit showing my patriotic side (a thick wooly jumper that used to be my mum's with the Aussie flag on it!), but alas I underestimated everything I had to do and the little time I had to do it & never got around to taking photos!

ANYWAY! I'm in Australia now!! Woop! I arrived yesterday afternoon, but the dredded jet lag took hold after my 26 hour trip & I spent the last few hours of daylight having a nap after my mother had dragged me round the house showing me everything, she used to do the same every time I came home from uni back in England, so it felt very familiar hehe!

The weather here is lovely, very sunny yesterday when I arrived and my parents went for a swim in our backyard pool while I napped, but today it was a bit over cast! The estate agent called it 'shark weather', which kind of scared me, but I'm not a beach gal and NEVER swim in the sea, so I suppose it was fine! When I say overcast, well anyone reading this from Aus may well know, this meant too hot to wear anything more than a vest and shorts, bloody humid/heavy air and in the morning I spent about an hour laying by the pool reading and would have burnt without sunscreen on!

It's been so nice just seeing my family again, and we literally had a completely relaxed day, mooching around the house/garden and then on a driving tour of the area. We went for a late lunch at a 'Dome' pub, which is some kind of chain here, and was really yummy, and also spent a few hours wondering around a show home village!

The houses here are just soooo bloody amazing, and cheap! Like millionaire pads back home in England, but out here they're only about £500,000 for a 5 bed house with pool and cinema room and all sorts of great stuff! I'm totally in awe, and am definatly considering a day in the future, when The Boyf and I are all grown up, moving out with the kiddy-winks <3.. maybe.

Posing in one of the luxury show homes! Vogue posters on the wall = my kind of house!

These post is obviously more of a travel diary than anything fashion related, but the pics do show me in one of my favourite summer outfits, which was perfect for todays weather too, I got the vest and shorts in the end of summer sales (see how I wear them at home in the cold winter weather here!) My hair probably doesn't look its best in any of these pictures - I had a proper freak out this morning, there is no hair dryer in the house because my mum says she 'doesn't need one' and I wasn't informed of this until I arrived, otherwise obviously I would have packed one. Not only that but my beauty inept family apparently don't use conditioner (even when they swim in the pool every day, I know crazy right!?) so until we go to a supermarket tomorrow I'm a bit scared of the hair situation!

Vest - Topshop (sale £2), Shorts - River Island (sale £10), Flip Flops - Accessorize, Sunnies & Bag - Primark

These pictures are taken at Mullaloo Beach, we just popped down after lunch, as it started to rain a tiny bit, so I could meet the Indian Ocean for the first time, hehe, and get a feel for it all. Oh my gosh the ocean is so blue, and the sand so white, beautiful! Without my wonderful boyfriend to take pictures of me I was left in the hands of my brother, he didn't do a bad job did he?! I reckon he'll be up to scratch before the fornight is gone! When I sat on the sand dunes I said to Jack, how likely is it that there are snakes or other creepy/deadly wildlife here and he said, 'oh don't worry, there won't be any!', when we ran back to my dad afterwards he said 'oh I probably should have told you, there's a sign over there saying beware of snakes near the sand dunes'!!! Haha!

More chats and pictures to come of my fun family break in the sun!
Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas holidays and if you're in the UK, gutted about all the snow :-p, I got out of England just in time, I think Heathrow closed only about 12 hours later!! It all looks very festive at home though I suppose. I'm off to decorate our Christmas tree now!

VW x
Me and my little (taller than me) brother, the wind blew just as I took the pic, haha!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It Was Acceptable in The Eighties...

Hey lovers! I know I said I wouldn't be posting for a while due to the huge mountain of work I have due this week but.. I just couldn't resist showing you this little outfit I put together yesterday!

Blouse - Label says 'Notto' by way of Ebay, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Primark, Socks - Primark, Trainers - Reebok from Office, Cardi - Topshop, Necklace - DIY (see how here)

I got this blouse off ebay a couple of weeks ago for just £3 (including p&p), and whilst I know that most people would think its boarder-line hideous, I am in love. I have had that 'I just don't know what to wear with my new hair colour' thing since Tuesday, seriously you've got to re-think your whole wardrobe, I put on my purple Uniqlo heat-tech roll neck on the weekend and boy did it look baaaadd with the aubergine neck right there near my tangerine hair, the foods don't go, and neither do the colours! But anyway, I'm happy to have found that this shirt, although kind of clashy and very eighties, looks pretty good. It has shoulder pads in, which I wasn't sure about, but the sleeves wouldn't sit right if I took them out and looking at these pictures quite like the weird contrast the wide shoulders provide with my tight skirt. I have an obsession with buttoning up my blouses all the way, as you may have noticed...

Yes, I went with the 80's theme and added my freestyles, which match my hair <3 haha. Oh, and the picture in my flat at the bottom is where I'm laughing my head off because we were taking shots on the landing at like midnight and then we heard voices get close to the neighbours door and we were like 'shit they're coming out, this is so embarassing' and ran inside giggling - I just thought it was a cute 'outake'!

Anyone reading this fancy doing me a HUGE favour? To help with my copious amounts of work please leave me 3 little words as a comment? I have to do a chapter of my project on 'My Personal Style', which I mentioned here, I'd like to include some 'primary research', so I thought hearing other people's opinions would be good. Have a little look at my previous posts etc and let me know 3 words that you think describe my personal style - they can be anything from adjectives, to celebrities you think I dress similar to, or colours, patterns, fabrics and eras.

Some responses I've had from friends etc include:
Unique, Fun & Individual,
Experimental Retro & Stylised,
Quirky, Elfin & Retro,
Sixties, Care-free & Viv Westwood

And my personal favourites:
Perky, Fussy and Particular - from my Mum! Haha, she hates shopping with me, and gets upset when she buys me something and I don't like it, even when I tell her not to or she says its ok not to like it. I guess I am pretty choosey, but I like what I like!
Mismatched, Comfortable & Confused - is it weird that I love my fashion being described as confused?!


Thanks dolls,
VW x

PS. Hi & Welcome to you new followers, you rock, I suspect you may have found your way here from Dotties wonderful 'Stalker Report', so chuffed that she featured me right there with so many beautiful and accomplished bloggers <3 Colourless Colour is still a baby compared with these, so I totally appreciate the 'publicity' a such.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fruit Salad Hair

As promised here are, rather a lot of, photos of my new hair style. I absolutely LOVE it (which is why I have posted so many photos, I just couldn't choose!). As the title suggests I think the colour mix is kind of like those fruit salad sweets (if you know what I'm talking about?), I've got 4 colours in, 2 orangey/copper colours, a raspberry pink kind of thing and some lighter yellowy tones running through it, which is actually the colour of my hair once it was bleached!

The top picture was taken for me by one of the other models 'backstage' after the show, all the clothes were supplied by Asos, I did try on a multi-cloured pixel print dress with one shoulder, but everybody decided with such bright hair I was the best one to wear the plain black. You can't see in the picture but it had a cut out back, and was really cute with its little peter pan collar and pinafore style, I felt a bit like a crazy china doll  in it with my pink lips too!

My hair is from the 'Project 10' Collection 2010 which can be seen HERE.

My makeup was done by Mac professionals, I love how clear they made my complexion and my lip colour, it matched the pink in my hair pretty well and I kind of feel naked without such a bright colour to contrast with my hair now, I might pop to Superdrug tomorrow after uni and pick some up, any suggestions on brand etc? I want something moisturising as my lips are always so dry and cracked, but I don't have much experience in the cosmetics area. I literally always just grab which ever product is being promoted at the time, I feel like I can't make a conscientious decision and then end up with a crap product! I'm not a fan of the powdered out eyebrows though, I suppose making them lighter works with the hair colour, but I'm just so attached to my dark, thick eyebrows I can't let them go just yet...

Clothes the same in 'The Before' and 'The After' - Vintage Jumper and Dress, Wellies were a gift from a friend and obviously my hair is by Toni & Guy

Its funny how much difference a new haircut makes isn't it? I instantly love this whole outfit more with my new hair, and feel super confident. Like I said in my last post, I'd been putting off doing anything with my hair as I'd been under strict instructions to grow it out ready to be the perfect bridesmaid in April, but as much as I love my friend, and understand its her big day and wouldn't want to do anything to make her photos less than perfect etc, at the end of the day I'm me, and I can't change that. I have short hair, I like it short, I think its suits me, and I wasn't willing to spend the next four months growing my hair in that horrible shaggy, thick, non-style. I promise to get extentions or a hair piece or whatever when the time comes, I'll even wear a wig for the day if she's that desperate for me to have different hair, but for now I can stand tall and confident that my hair truely reflects my personal style! As for the colour, well that'll fade out soon enough anyway and I can dye over it any time, any colour.

You probably won't hear from me for a while now I'm afraid lovelys, I will be taking a blogging hiatus this week to get all my uni work done, one deadline on Monday, and a big one on Friday, eek, busy busy! I do have a few new little vintage pieces to show you though, so you can look forward to seeing those next week some time maybe...

VW x 

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

OOTW - Winter Hates My Face

Like the rest of the country snow finally reached us yesterday, typically on the day I had to make my way into town, so I wrapped up warm in preparation for the chilly and perilous walk to the bus stop... and then sneakily bagged a lift from a very lovely friend (Charlotte Davies you rock!).

After donning my two pairs of tights, two pairs of socks, vest top, dress, jumper, cardigan, coat, scarf, gloves and earmuffs, I realised I didn't go to all this effort to look stylish a warm and no one even see me (I spent the next 7 hours inside Toni & Guy, mostly wrapped in one of those black gowns), so I was brave and ventured into the snow for an outfit post... with mixed results. My face is blue and I have a very miserable frozen expression in most of these pictures, so only chose a few to put up, oh dear.

Jumper - Vintage (Retro Rehab), Dress (seen as skirt) - Vintage, Cardigan - H&M mens, Scarf - H&M, Socks - M&S, Wellies - a gift from Francesca years ago, Earmuffs - Primark, Necklace - Accessorize 

The snow was a lot thicker today, a good 4/5 inches, and much much colder, I don't think I've ever seen snow this deep, especially not this early in the season! Oh & you should know I slipped and fell on my bum last night walking home, I am so achy, have a huge bruise and feel like I broke my hip. It's official, I HATE snow & it hates me :-(

These are not just snowy photos either, they also serve as my 'Before' shots, as when I got home last night The Boyf dutifully took some pictures of my new hair, I'm wearing the same outfit minus the tights and scarf, so its fun to see the contrast and how much a hairstyle effects your outfit. Though since it was dark and subzero temperatures outside we took them in the hallway. Will post them tomorrow.

Gosh you must all be fed up of snow posts by now? I swear its the only news going on in this country, everything has grinded to a halt, and us fashion conscious bloggers are out there in the frost taking photos, what are we like ay!?

Happy 1st of December by the way (and Happy Hanukkah incidentally, if any of you are of the Jewish persuasion!), are you all getting into the festive spirit with this weather? I ventured into town this afternoon for a spot of Christmas shopping and the German Market, I have to say it was nice with the huge snow flakes falling all around us as we wondered the market, mulled wine in hand, very picturesque. I bought a onesie from Primark for myself so am cuddle up on the sofa right now in my giant fleecy baby grow, hehe, I may look ridiculous but my feet sure are toasty!

Loves, VW x

Monday, 29 November 2010

Dressing up time is not just for kids!

Hello lovelies, I feel like I really owe you an outfit post, but when all I've been wearing in this freezing weather is tonnes of layers and a huge coat (and I've only left the flat like twice in like 5 days haha!) it doesn't seem worth it!

In further procrastination (I really just can't get on with this stupid Fact File, 3000 words due on the 10th eek!) I thought I'd just post the full set of pics that I use as my footer etc on here! My lovely friend Liz took these snaps when I had my beautiful pink haircut at Toni & Guy and we played dress up one night. This remains a favourite dress and outfit, if only there were more opportunities in life to wear a backless white lace dress, 6 inch heels and a black facinator!!

Dress - John Zack by way of Selfridges, Leggings - Topshop, Shoes - KG by Kurt Geiger, Earings - ?? borrowed off Liz, Fascinator - downstairs in Affleck's Palace

Hope you likey! Have you got a favourite dress/item of clothing that you love but just doesn't ever seem appropriate? I never have an occasion to wear an outift quite like this, so its really fun dressing up and taking photos!

Hopefully I'll do some fun photos like this after my new haircut tomorrow! But for now I'm off for a bubble bath before bed <3

VW x

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Polyvore Procrastination - Perth in 19 Days!

Are you all excited about Christmas? I'm getting sooooo excited! Not just for all the usual Chrissie stuff like mulled wine, those little sausages wrapped in bacon, Santas grotto (you are NEVER too old to visit Santa), and decorating the tree, but because I'm going to Australia this year!!!

I can't believe I'll be jetting off to Perth in only 19 days and get to see my parents and little bro! Ok so I am going to miss sitting in flannel pjs opening assorted winter related pressies like scarfs and cute christmas jumpers, and lusting over long sleeved velvet party dresses to wear to christmas dinner may be a little futile, but it'll be such an experience!

I have quite a lot of uni work to get done before I go, but I can't help but get distracted by Christmas, its all snowy here in the UK and the coca-cola ad has graced our tv screens, when I have a little peek on ebay there it is, that little red 'X days til Christmas' counter, it can't be escaped. So I allowed myself a little dream time and discovered polyvore, I know, I know how late off the mark am I, but anyway, I love it, what a great procrastination tool!

Club Tropicana

So while dreaming of a hot hot Christmas rather than a white one I made this little mood board. I wish I actually owned half this stuff, but alas its November, so unsuprisingly most of it is no longer available, but if I had my way this is what I'd be packing! Anyone fancy lending me some strapless tops (avoiding tan lines is definatly a priority) or a nice straw fedora/panama? How funny is it that its like -12 in some parts of the country and I'm thinking about strapless bikinis and vintage sunglasses!

On an entirely different note you can now follow me on Bloglovin' also. I'm not completely sure how it actually works, but maybe I'll gain some new followers?
Follow my blog with bloglovin

And to all you lovely people who have commented on my last few posts, thanks so much, I love reading your comments and will always try to reply to any questions and definatly pop over to your blog for a snoop around :-) Please do 'follow me' if you like what you see!

Anyone else completely procrastinating on blogger and dreaming about Christmas instead of doing work?

Loves, VW x

Saturday, 27 November 2010

I Love Free Haircuts

I've wanted to do a post like this for a while, and since I'm getting my hair done on tuesday I thought it was good time. As you guys are just getting to know me I thought I'd give you a glimpse at something really important to me, my hair (wow that sounds shallow). I just think the way you wear your hair says a lot about you, and its a bit more permanent than your clothes so its good to get it right & express your true style and personality. Since I've been doing this blog the pictures you see of me are with quite, well, boring, bland hair, or at least that's how I feel about it anyway. I usually like to make a lasting impression ;-)

I LOVE having short hair, I had the chop about 3 years ago and never looked back, at first it was a quite standard pixie crop, and I stuck with a natural reddy/auburn colour. To be honest times have changed quite a lot actually, even though it was only a few years ago people often looked at me strangely or were shocked by my crop, not many girls my age had such short hair, but now the likes of Emma Watson have made it 'fashion'. 

When I came to uni I had the unique opportunity to be a hair model for Toni & Guy. It was such a fabulous experience, and now I always go there for a new cut or colour. I never have to pay and usually always get my hair cut by a professional stylist and often one of the art directors at the academy. Mainly they're what you call 'demo cuts' where the stylist cuts my hair in front of the students as a demonstration, but on occasion its a proper show where you get your makeup done and they give you clothes to wear. I'm so open to whatever they suggest, and just let them go for it with experimental or unique cuts and crazy bright colours.

Here are my 2 favourites (& probably most radical) -

December '08 Demo cut  - 'The Pom' - 08/09 Toni & Guy Collection

October '09 Experimental cut - Toni & Guy Academy
Toni & Guy have academies in London & Manchester and the students are always looking for models, if your lucky you might get it for free, otherwise cuts are about £12 and colours £15, and they use all the best products the same as in any T&G salon (label m. and wella colours etc). There are different workshops for different levels, it want something like a simple trim and all-over colour then you can probably get away with a beginner class, but for anything a bit riskier they often have advanced creative classes with people who are already fully qualified stylists in Toni & Guy salons and just want to experiment with something a bit different.

I know some people are weary of getting anything a bit different and are quite protective of their hair, but I'm just not the kind of girl that freaks out about it, I always let my friends have a chop at it and am forever with my head over the bath adding a new box of diy colour!

I'm in a show this Tuesday, I think Mac professionals are doing the makeup, and a vintage boutique is providing the clothes! My hair is so thick on top and very long and out of control at the back, plus my roots are showing pretty bad since this colour is left over from May and was originally black, so I'm looking forward to getting it all sorted. Unfortunately it won't be too short or radical as I'm actually supposed to be growing my hair out for a friend who I'm being bridesmaid for in April! (very excited but sad that she doesn't like/want my hair short for it, I think I'll end up with extensions!)

Look out for photos next week! For now I'll leave you with a few pictures of my various hairstyles over the last couple of years incase you're curious. (Apologies for the shockingly bad quality of some & of course the stupid faces!)

June '08

January '09

February '09

May '09

May '10

June '10
Hope you're all ok!
Loves, VW x