Thursday, 4 November 2010

I knew it would happen one day...

A little impromptue set of outfit photos...

I knew it would happen one day, I've always said it would. Sorry, am I being a bit criptic? You need to understand I am perpetually late, to anything and everything. I mean not always ridiculously late, sometimes just a minute or so, never-the-less it counts; lectures, meeting for coffee with friends, catching the bus, birthday parties, you name it I've been late to it before. But I always say that one of these days I'll be on time, early even, it WILL happen.

So yesterday The Boyf and I took a little trip to Chiquitos for dinner (they're doing 25% off with an NUS student card, so get your bums down there for some DELICIOUS mexican food!), then to the cinema (orange wednesday, ohh yea). Well of all the random useless times to be early, 50 minutes early to be exact. It was pretty damn boring I can tell you.

Blazer - Urban Outfitters, Hoody - American Apparel, Shirt - Topshop, Shorts/Culottes - River Island, Tights - Asda, Socks - Primark, Trainers - Reebok, Scarf - Vintage, Necklaces - Urban Outfitters & Accessorize.

This is where we took the opportunity to take a few snaps of my outfit in the empty coridor, which explains the bored looks! I was actually quite glad for this opportunity in the end, because I kinda like this 'thrown together to stay warm and dry' look i was 'working', but it got dark so early yesterday I didn't get a chance to take outside photos and the red walls and carpet look pretty funky don't ya think?

Geeky urban street style? I've wanted to show you my absolute fave shoes for a while, my 'reeboks with the straps' to Flo Rida, reebok freestyle hi-tops to you and me! I got them back in my orange loving days as an 18th birthday present from my grandad (no my 80 year old gramps did not rock up to foot locker and purchase these off his own back, this is just what I spent my £50 on!), and still adore them today, sooo comfy and I love that you never see anyone else wearing them, or at least not very often, I have seen the purple and white versions a few times though! They are the closest I come to 'sensible shoes' and they're neon orange haha. They're sometimes hard to accessories though, so yesterday I just went with the ghetto vibe and slung on my chunky necklaces!

Apologies that you've already seen this shirt though, I just love it so much!
Oh and we saw The Kids are Alright (eventually!), I really enjoyed it, although it wasn't what I expected, if you think its all comedy you'll be a bit dissapointed as theres definatly some heavier stuff in there. Also be prepared for some rather full on sex scenes, some with Yaya a winner from ANTM a few seasons back! I friggin love Annette Benning and Julianne Moore so much, so it was really cute seeing them as a couple!

Anyone else take advantage of Orange Wednesday yesterday, what did you see? We saw the trailer for The Kings Speech and I really want to see it when its out, Helena Bonham-Carter looked fab!

VW x


Charlotte said...

mmmm chiquitos!!
and your shoes are amazing!!

Charlotte xxx


woow! u like this miz a lot!!

so unique and playful!!

well done!