Monday, 13 June 2011

New Lengths

What I wore in St.Andrews, day 2. It was baking hot, for the UK in early June anyhow, so like I said in my last post, this beautiful hat was such a blessing. I burn easy and have a tendency to get sunstroke if I'm not careful, so having this as a sun hat was perfect, it was also lovely to feel covered up but still perfectly cool (long skirt).
I can not praise this skirt enough, I had been hunting for it for a couple on months now. I wanted it, I needed it, I thought I'd never find it, I gave up, and then there it was. I mean, not this actual skirt, but something exactly like it, although I wasn't sure it definitely existed. I dreamt of something long, chiffon-y, pleated, that sat high on the waist, was in a light, bright summery colour, and didn't cost the earth. I finally found something that fit the bill on Missguided but they were sold in my size (they now have some similar back in, but with a side split). I then stumbeld across this bad boy in a boutique called Thuder Egg on Oldham Street. I stupidly cut the tag off and threw it out, so I can't tell what the actual brand is!

It also came in cobalt blue and mustard yellow, I'm now considering buying one... as I love this one so much. What do you think is more wearable, blue or the yellow?
The jersey shirt/top is great too, a new purchase from Topshop, very comfy, has such a cute aztec style cross-stitch pattern around the neckline, and I love the extra roomy arm holes. I know that sound weird, but they're just that bit bigger, and kind of hang different, and I just think its a really contemporary design feature/'look'. (I snapped it up while they were doing 20% off for students last week!)
Hat - Charity Shop, Suglasses - RayBan, Top - Topshop (£26), Skirt - Thunder Egg (£25), Sandals - Zara, Bag - Vintage (my mum's)
Oh & I really need some new daytime summer sandals. I want something with a low heel, but not wedge (I'm just not a wedge fan) and versitile, so in like tan or cream or something. What do you think of these? I will definately snap them up next time I'm in town, if, a) they have my size in stock, b) they fit nicely and c) they're still down to £25! haha. Let me know if you see anything else that might fit the bill. I can't spend more than £30 really!

VW x

Friday, 10 June 2011

No Comment!

Hi Guys, I just wanted to let you all know that I've been experiencing a problem with my blogger for almost 2 weeks now, where it won't let me comment on any of your posts - it seems to be some sort of google account problem.

So anyway, I have been reading all your posts, and wanting to comment on quite a lot of them, but I type it out and then it won't let me & I get frustrated and just leave it! Sorry guys! Hopefully the problem will sort itself out soon, until then know that I am loving your recent posts :-)

Mucho amor,

VW x
A photo of some Henna I did a couple of weeks ago :-) Just because posts are boring without photos haha

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Pleats, Polka-dots & Daisy-chains

This is what I wore in St.Andrews (Scotland) on Thursday, it was a day of glorious sunshine, great friends and childish fun and frolics!
We bought food from Morrisons and had a massive feast of a picnic in the Botanical Gardens, it was the best lunch EVER, haha! We played 'dizzy races' like the mature 21 year olds we are, and wandered around the gardens soaking up the rays. It was really beautiful, and very hot! We then walked down to a stream and played for quite a while, it might sound silly but we all found it very thereputic, acting like a kid again is the perfect antidote to weeks of exams and the stress of finishing uni for ever, just what we needed! Everyone splashed around, Jamie built a dam, Fran collected pebbles and I made a daisy chain. On the way back home we saw a Heron which was cool, and stopped off at the beach which was COVERED in jelly fish, I've never seen anything like it, it was disgusting (I have a major phobia of fish & sea creatures, so found it particularly horrifying haha).

Jamie took the photos of me in the gardens, and many thanks to my wonderful bestie Michael for these beautiful pictures at the stream, his camera is sooo much better than mine!
Dress - Primark, Belt - Primark, Sandals - Zara (very old and falling apart now), Hat - Charity Shop, Cardigan - Vintage, Sunglasses - Ray Ban Clubmasters
I'm wearing a dress from Primark, which I'm sure a lot of you bloggers will recognise from their S/S campaign, it really is quite beautiful and comfy to wear, and was perfect for the sunny weather - im not really a huge fan of showing off my bare legs in the summer, so this longer/midi length is great. It's actually a size 10 as they were sold out of 8's, it maybe looks a bit bulky, but I don't mind too much! The hat I bought in an Edinburgh charity shop the day before and was perfect for protecting my rather fair skin from the sun :-) its a lovely sort of camel suede/felt, so will work in the winter too, only £3! (I put my daisy chain round it, but I think it will look nice with different scarfs and ribbons)

Did you guys enjoy some sun last week where you were? Do you guys ever just like acting like a child with your friends for the day?

Love, VW x

Sunday, 5 June 2011


This week I spent a few days in Scotland with my wonderful best friends (Jamie aka The Boyf, Michael, Francesca & Daniel), it was a much needed mini-break just to relax with each other after exams etc! 

Here are a few photos from our day in Edinburgh - we all arrived on Tuesday night, but just went for a delish dinner at a cute BYO indian restaurant and a few drinks and a dance in the Opal Rooms before crashing in our hostel for the night. On Wednesday we wondered around the city, went to a few vintage shops and charity shops, went to Edinburgh Castle and had a coffee or two before getting the bus to St.Andrews where the boys are at Uni.
Cardigan - Vintage, Shorts - Vintage Levi 501s, Glasses - Gok Wan for Specsavers, Necklace - Vintage (My Grandma's), Shoes - Cow Vintage
My cardigan is a new 'vintage' purchase, £12 from Ryan's Vintage in Manchester and goes so well with most of my summer clothes, its such a cute minty green colour and the bead work is beautiful. Its originally Escada & has detachable shoulder pads hehe. Also rocking my new specs, what do you think? 
Yes we had candy floss like little kids, and I got excited by many strange Scottish souveneir displays!
I found a few great bargains in the charity shops which I will post about, and wore some new bits and pieces whilst in Scotland which I will post the photos of soon!

VW x