Thursday, 30 September 2010

Who hates packing? I hate packing!

Don’t you just hate packing? Those of us that live away at uni etc have to do an excessive amount of packing every year compared with the average individual and frankly its the worse job in the world for us fashion lovers isn’t it? Every time you go to zip it back up there seems to twice as much as there was when you first unpacked, no matter how impossible it is to have acquired so much in the little time in between. My mind races when I see the piles in front of me, when the case starts to overflow - but I only bought that 1 dress, and there was that new vest top, but it folds up so small, how could it take up so much extra room?.. maybe I shouldn’t take those sandals home, I won’t want them in winter in Manchester anyway, but, but, what if I do? What if it gets hot? What if I NEED them, for... something?

Not to blow my own trumpet here but thankfully I am an excellent packer and enjoy a challenge, I’ve never actually had to leave anything behind! Hurrahh! The thing that’s bothering me right now is how depressing packing is. I’m back in Manchester now and spent a whole day last week filling my case; folding up all my pretty summer dresses, tiny shorts and brightly coloured vest tops, I bury them deep at the bottom and say goodbye. Goodbye lace leotard with delicate butterflies, see you in 6 months. Goodbye summer holidays and all the freedom an adventure you provide. Will I see you again? Perhaps..., but next spring brings graduation and grown-up hood, will it ever be the same, I might even have grown too mature for the leotard by then?...
Loves, VW x

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Art Deco Devine & Cocktails at Sunset

So I had a very pleasurable Saturday night this week, as we had a little soiree for my boyfriend’s brothers 18th and dads 50th. As you can imagine this was a fairly big occasion for celebration and his mum thought it would be different if we hosted a sort of posh sit down dinner for their rather large family.
Anyway, once we realised this brilliant idea involved cooking a 3 course meal for 20 people, weeks of planning and preparation ensued. The idea was to make it quite formal, as father-in-law has a penchant for all things art deco and had received a beautiful period cocktail cabinet for his birthday; this would be the theme of the evening. We devised a menu, decorated the dining room, made a slideshow of suitably embarrassing baby photos and spent a few Friday nights doing ‘research’ for the cocktail reception, yum yum! After much taste testing I shall share with you our favourite cocktails which were very simple to make and went down a treat with the guests!

Tequila Sunrise - 1 shot of tequila, fill with orange juice and a splash of grenadine (serve in a tall glass)
Pina Colada - 2 shots of coconut rum (malibu etc), pinapple juice, and a spash of single cream and milk
& we just made this one up - 1 shot of southern comfort, half cranberry juice, half lemonade, a spash of fresh lime juice.

But down to fashion business - when it came to what to wear I was initially stumped, but after deciding that old school glamour was most definitely the way to go I came up with this..

Another fab vintage find from a few years back in a local charity shop for only £7.99! I think it looks very reminiscent of Dior’s New Look, which inspired the A/W10 Louis Vuitton collection. My boy is wearing a gorgeous black suit with velvet brocade pattern, from H&M, the shirt is from Topman.
Loves, VW x x x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Coffee & Charity in Cambridge

The Perfect Day.
This week I spent a day in Cambridge with my best bud (check out her blog -; the day was so chilled out, just the two of us having a natter over various coffee drinks and wondering around the shops.
As we walked down Burleigh Street I was reluctantly persuaded by the dull grey skies and smattering of rain that autumn was truly upon us.  Eight charity shops later we were ready for another coffee and I had two great vintage finds nestled in my bag to kick start my autumn/winter wardrobe!
What I'll be wearing this Autumn!
Blouse & Scarf - Oxfam
Denim Shirt - Dorothy Perkins
Skirt - American Apparel
Brogues - Urban Outfitters

I picked up both these beautiful bargains in Oxfam - This sheer black blouse with white polka-dots is by a label called ‘Precis Petite’ and has the cutest bow shaped collar - £2.99
The silk scarf is in the most beautiful autumnal colours and looks awesome tied as a bow in my hair (which has faded to a very sensible dark brown – after the harsh black bowl cut with shaved sides which I’d been sporting since May!) - £1.99

The outfit I wore to Cambridge (including my boy's hoody for extra warmth) & wearing my new blouse!
I hope the blog's looking good so far? More posts to come, via the wonderful free wifi of Weatherspoons Manchester, haha.

Loves, VW x x x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Fancy French Florals

The Mr’s parents have a house in the Loire region of France where we stay most summers and this year we visited Chateau Chaumont for the day, where they hold an annual garden show, this year’s theme was “Body & Soul”.
Now don’t ask me what most of the designs had to do with the brief, as my French is appalling, but I found one particularly inspiring (and thankfully was in English) ‘Tea Revives You’.

Garden No.16 "Bon thé, bon genre" Which roughly translates as good tea, manners/good way of life - By George Richardson and Jules Arthur. See The festival is on until 17th October.
This ‘garden’ captures perfectly one of my summer fashion fetishes, florals! The tea party is a quintessentially English tradition and by looking at the cups and saucers on display you can easily see how china patterns have been influenced by the British garden, delicate roses and pretty pastel colours galore. I love that in the middle of France, at an 15th Century chateau you can still see how people are influenced by a good English cup of tea (I personally am a coffee girl, but I can see the appeal).
Now, I have quite a few floral pieces that I’ve picked up on the highstreet over the years (don’t we all?!), but funnily enough my all time favourite is this 80’s Laura Ashley style dress which I picked up from a vintage shop in Paris back in February (for only €8) – I just can’t get enough of it!

Dress - Vintage,
Brogues - Urban Outfitters,
Bag & Sunglasses - Primark
Socks - Topshop
I wear with white lacy ankle socks, two-tone brogues and of course my huge sunnies for a garden party or picnic in the park with friends.

Or team with gold lame shorts and my trusty fluoro reeboks for a quirky 80’s revival! (picture to come)

Come winter this dress isn’t going to get lost at the back of the wardrobe either, I’ll wear it with thick black tights, a slouchy chunky knit cardi and brogues!
Loves VW x x x