Thursday, 30 September 2010

Who hates packing? I hate packing!

Don’t you just hate packing? Those of us that live away at uni etc have to do an excessive amount of packing every year compared with the average individual and frankly its the worse job in the world for us fashion lovers isn’t it? Every time you go to zip it back up there seems to twice as much as there was when you first unpacked, no matter how impossible it is to have acquired so much in the little time in between. My mind races when I see the piles in front of me, when the case starts to overflow - but I only bought that 1 dress, and there was that new vest top, but it folds up so small, how could it take up so much extra room?.. maybe I shouldn’t take those sandals home, I won’t want them in winter in Manchester anyway, but, but, what if I do? What if it gets hot? What if I NEED them, for... something?

Not to blow my own trumpet here but thankfully I am an excellent packer and enjoy a challenge, I’ve never actually had to leave anything behind! Hurrahh! The thing that’s bothering me right now is how depressing packing is. I’m back in Manchester now and spent a whole day last week filling my case; folding up all my pretty summer dresses, tiny shorts and brightly coloured vest tops, I bury them deep at the bottom and say goodbye. Goodbye lace leotard with delicate butterflies, see you in 6 months. Goodbye summer holidays and all the freedom an adventure you provide. Will I see you again? Perhaps..., but next spring brings graduation and grown-up hood, will it ever be the same, I might even have grown too mature for the leotard by then?...
Loves, VW x

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