Sunday, 28 November 2010

Polyvore Procrastination - Perth in 19 Days!

Are you all excited about Christmas? I'm getting sooooo excited! Not just for all the usual Chrissie stuff like mulled wine, those little sausages wrapped in bacon, Santas grotto (you are NEVER too old to visit Santa), and decorating the tree, but because I'm going to Australia this year!!!

I can't believe I'll be jetting off to Perth in only 19 days and get to see my parents and little bro! Ok so I am going to miss sitting in flannel pjs opening assorted winter related pressies like scarfs and cute christmas jumpers, and lusting over long sleeved velvet party dresses to wear to christmas dinner may be a little futile, but it'll be such an experience!

I have quite a lot of uni work to get done before I go, but I can't help but get distracted by Christmas, its all snowy here in the UK and the coca-cola ad has graced our tv screens, when I have a little peek on ebay there it is, that little red 'X days til Christmas' counter, it can't be escaped. So I allowed myself a little dream time and discovered polyvore, I know, I know how late off the mark am I, but anyway, I love it, what a great procrastination tool!

Club Tropicana

So while dreaming of a hot hot Christmas rather than a white one I made this little mood board. I wish I actually owned half this stuff, but alas its November, so unsuprisingly most of it is no longer available, but if I had my way this is what I'd be packing! Anyone fancy lending me some strapless tops (avoiding tan lines is definatly a priority) or a nice straw fedora/panama? How funny is it that its like -12 in some parts of the country and I'm thinking about strapless bikinis and vintage sunglasses!

On an entirely different note you can now follow me on Bloglovin' also. I'm not completely sure how it actually works, but maybe I'll gain some new followers?
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And to all you lovely people who have commented on my last few posts, thanks so much, I love reading your comments and will always try to reply to any questions and definatly pop over to your blog for a snoop around :-) Please do 'follow me' if you like what you see!

Anyone else completely procrastinating on blogger and dreaming about Christmas instead of doing work?

Loves, VW x

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