Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Extra Effort? Pyjama bottoms, no bra and un-washed hair!

I read a post on the lovely Charlotte’s blog yesterday, and after looking at my last OOTW post I really gave her proposal of blogging artificiality a bit of thought. Bloggers: what do you wear on non-blogging days?
Do I wear the same things on outfit post days to on non-blogging days; don’t we all put a little extra effort in for our OOTD/W’s? Well yes, I do anyway! Firstly I don’t post pictures every day, and just choose my favourite outfit of the week to blog about, but when I KNOW I’m going to have a photo op I do add that little extra pizzazz. Sure it’s kind of fake, but I always plan out my outfits anyway, whether they’re for a lecture, shopping, going out to dinner or whatever, you dress for that occasion don’t you? I’m just not a throw it all on kinda gal, I’m not effortless, I’m considerate. But when I’m posting an outfit yea sure I go the extra mile too... yesterday I wore my new DIY necklace, but probably because I wanted to show it to you, and I put the scarf in my hair like I always do when it’s a bit of a mess, but I was only off to Wetherspoons for lunch, so I didn’t really need to, but I didn’t want photos of me with bad hair either! These little extras kind of made the photos though didn’t they!?
And what am I wearing right now? Pyjama bottoms (I don’t own trackies), an old jumper, thick socks, no bra, no makeup, no jewellery and un-washed hair. But I didn’t leave the flat today (reading, dissertation planning and tv) so what does it really matter? Would I wear this to the library on a Sunday, obviously not, but it wouldn’t be far off...
Yea it’s a bit fake but no one wants to see a picture of me like this anyway, trust me, your better off taking a looky at my 'extra-effort' photos if you want to know the real me, when I get dressed I care what people think, its not effortless, but it is me, and thats what you lucky readers get to see!

You're not alone Charlotte, this blog post without a picture = welcome to my off day!

Loves VW x


Charlotte said...

I'm really glad my post made you think.
This is great- thank you!!
I completely agree too. I haven't decided yet if I'm going to take photos or not today but even so I go to sleep ever night thinking about what in going to wear tomorrow'!!
I am insanely obsessive compulsive and organised so I like to have everything worked out!!
I make the effort I'd say 5 or 6 days a week but I probably only take outfit posts 2 of those days. I guess I make the effort more than not!!
Thanks so much for writing about my post :]]]


Voguerella said...

Hey :)
thank you so much ♥
It means "not everyone can be Cinderella", so I'm Voguerella :)
I'm ur follower now!