Friday, 15 October 2010

'My Personal Style'

So for my Creative Comms lecture this week I was asked to 'present about 20 images that you think represent your personal style'. I boshed this out like an hour before I had to leave for uni because my parents had been visiting all weekend (nothing like leaving it til the last minute ay?!), here it is..

A few piccys of Florence Welsh (Florence and The Machines) & Ellie Jackson (La Roux) - I love their music and their offbeat style, mixing vintage with highstreet and designer. Also I love that they both rock the red hair (mine is naturally auburn and I have had it styled very similar to Ellie's in the past!)
Also a few snaps of Agyness Deyn, gotta love that girl, great model, always has fab hair and has really quirky street style. I love her mixture of glam and grunge. Bright orange DMs - LOVE!
A couple of photos of Katherine Hepburn thrown in there too. I'm a huge classic movie fan, particularly anything with Cary Grant in <3 and Kathy was definatly his best leading lady (Bringing Up Baby - Watch it now!!) I love her fashion sense, one of the first Hollywood ladies in the 30's to popularise wearing trousers, and i love a pair of classic, well cut, highwaisted slacks!
Some classic Twiggy pics thrown in there as I love 60's style, her waif like figure and her original Vidal Sassoon crop.
All sorts of other stuff in there, refrences to my travels, art and culture, aswell as my australian roots. Barbie & Cinderella - my style icons as a youngster. And of course some pictures of me and my besties, because they certainly influence my life more than anything else, so they must influence my style.

So yea, thats me :-)
Whats your personal style like? Which celebrities influence your fashion sense?
Loves VW x

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Iris. said...

Hey there! thanks for your comment, I'm following you as well now, your blog is great and I can't wait to see more articles! I'm très happy to see a new vintage-lover-fashion-student-like me! :D

xx Iris