Sunday, 17 October 2010

OOTW - A Dash of Geek Chic

The Manchester Arndale were having their 'big student giveaway' last week (discounts of up to 20% in most stores), but due to lack of funds I couldn't go crazy.

With a huge amount of self-constraint I came away with a dash of geek chic...
This beautiful light grey shirt from Topshop - £25 (instead of £32)
The frilly socks I'd been eyeing up in the American Apparel window display - £6.80 (instead of £8)
And a little black skirt from H&M - £2.99 (ok so no money off there, but come on, 3 quid! So handy.)

Worn with, Trench Coat - Zara
Brogues - Urban Outfitters
Bag - Vintage
Scarf - Oxfam
Necklace - a gift from China :-)
Glasses - Specsavers

My new OOTW carried me through my Friday 9am-1pm lectures, then later I ditched the glasses, swapped my brogues for some black heels, added a slick more eyeliner and my brown mock-croc handbag and I was ready for quiet drinks with a pal in Fallowfield (which ended in dancing 'til 3am and being horribly hungover when my parents arrived the next day, oops!)

I may have also made some new beauty purchases - American Apparel Nail Lacquer which I'd been dieing to try out. Factory Grey = Perfection. Lovely strong matt colour in two coats and dries super fast! A bit pricey at £7 a bottle, but I nabbed it at the 15% off night!
You may have noticed I love a strong, dark brow, and for a few years now have been enhancing my naturally bushy brows with powder (I much prefer it to the harsh shaping a pencil gives). I must admit until now I was only filling in with a chocolate brown maybelline eyeshadow of all things! But it was cheap, easy and effective, that is until it cracked, leaving powder all over my makeup bag and me with a naked brow! A quick stop in Selfidges and I came away with Benefit's Browzings in Medium, a cute little eyebrow shaping kit of wax, powder, tweezers and 2 mini brushes! A friend of mine has always used Benefit products, but until now I've always seen them as a bit pricey. Ok so the Browzings was £22.50, but definatly an investmentwhen you think about how I use it every day and will last a good 2 years! Converted.

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