Thursday, 7 October 2010

Manchester = Spending Your Student Loan Made Easy

As a third year with mounting debt and maxed out overdraft I really should have learnt by now that a shopping spree the day your student loan comes in is never a good idea. But I’m only human and studying fashion to boot.
It’s not my fault you see, it’s the bright lights of Manchester City Centre, a fashion mecca after months stuck in the dreary shadow of Harlow Town; where the YMCA charity shop is the closest I get to vintage shopping, and the Topshop is crammed full of 16 year old single mums complaining that ‘you can get a dress like that for a fiver in Primark, its not worth wasting your benefits babes’.
But don’t despair; I did only buy the two things!

Camel is my fave trend this season, so this dress was a great find, from Cow vintage near the bus station (, it has a button missing (I’ll probably replace them all with some old gold buttons anyway) and a tiny stain on the sleeve (which has already washed out) so I got it for £15 instead of the labelled £18. I’ll wear it this winter with a black leather jacket and wedge shoe boots – both of which I don’t actually own, but intend to buy at various student lock-ins this week!

The lace blouse was a bit pricey, especially for H&M, £24.99, but I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad lace has continued to dominate the shops as it’s a personal fashion fetish of mine, this shirt came in ivory and navy as well, and I was so tempted to buy all three, if they’d been cheaper!
More shopping & spending to come I'm sure!
Loves, VW x

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Charlotte said...

ahh you make me miss home so much!!
i'm a proper Manc girl and I'm now 4000 miles from home in Minnesota, USA and damn do I miss Manchester!!
I miss the shopping and the clubbing most of all!!

Where abouts in Manchester are you from? I cheated a little bit, I'm actually from Stockport :]] but hey, no-one knows where that is and it's probably for the best!!

It would be cool if we could meet up when I'm home? Bet we could have a great ol' chat!!

Charlotte xxx