Thursday, 21 October 2010

Eagerly Awaiting the Postman...

This weekend/week I'll be eagerly awaiting the post, as I made a few little purchases on Ebay! Actually one arrived today (wow super quick!), but was only a little plastic clip on cover for my Blackberry, so not really worth a picture. (99p with free p&p, bargain!)

Winter has crept up on me this week and left me and my boy with the sniffles. With this harsh winter fast approaching in Manchester, and the recent departure of my family to the warm southern hemisphere (Australia to be exact) I felt like I needed a little cheer up, cue Ebay!

I am now the proud owner of these boots, purchased yesterday for a very reasonable £31 (including p&p). I literally cannot wait for the postman to come.

I've wanted a pair of lace-up wedge boots for aggggees, but I'm so picky, did I want black, or brown? Leather or suede? Too much choice left me bootless and despairing. If I'm honest I knew exactly what pair I wanted, a looovvely pair of black peep-toed shoe boots from Pierre Hardy at Gap, I'd seen them on the Grazia 'waiting list' back in August, but at £85 knew they were out of my reach. I then went onto lust over a pair of brown suede shearling cuffed pair from Urban Outfitters, again too expensive. I nearly bought a pair for £35 in River Island, but the sizing failed me, curse my size 7/8 'canoes' (as my boyfriend has affectionately dubbed them). Then I found them, a fab cheap pair from H&M (gotta love having the Swedish giant online now huh?!), available in black or brown, only £29.99, click click, in the basket they go, along with this season's must have aviator jacket.

But, Voni, you haven't shown us these H&M purchases? Quite right, well observed. And you want to know why, what stopped me? Oh only the fact that when my little beaming face went to checkout I was told neither item were available currently and I'd have to wait until late November for them to be dispatched! Well needless to say crest-fallen wasn't the word.

For now though all is well, I have some lush and very functional boots, which were just as affordable, on their way to me as we speak, HURRAH!

Also I saw this necklace at 'Temporary Secretary' online (£16) and just had to have it!
Cute right? My mummy recently bought me an old Singer Sewing Machine (for show rather than actually sewing) that looks just like this mini one, so when I saw it I fell in love! But unfortunately they were sold out! Cue genius idea... I'll make my own. So I found a near identical dolls house miniature sewing machine on ebay for only £2.14 inc p&p and will attach it to the chain of this random necklace I bought from Primark today £2 (and then I'll have the plastic rose to play around with too). With a little cannibalisation hey presto I've got myself a super-sweet diy necklace, and at a fraction of the original price! (Will post pics when its made!)

There are loads more cute little dolls house miniatures really cheap on ebay which would look darling hanging on a chain, or even glued onto a ring or brooch back, like china teacup and saucers, cuckoo clocks and teddy bears! Go on, have a go at making something for yourself, you can always check out Temporary Secretary for inspiration (or just to buy something ready-made!), but make sure you let me know if you do! Ever made something yourself to save some money?
Oh yea, and I grabbed this new nail polish in superdrug today, I really wanted a red shade for a sort of vintage look, and to be honest I picked this one because it was only £1.99. NYC Long Wearing Enamel in Big Apple Red Creme. It looks ok on my nails now, but was really thin and looked a bit sheer and pink-ish at first, so needed 3 coats, eek! (apologies for the awful photo)

On a different note, 5 whole followers! I'm extremely happy about this, as I think I've finally got to grips with this blogging malarky and love to think somebody is actually reading this! Thankyou you lovely people!

Loves, VW x


Iris. said...

Yes I am reading! :D
Such a good idea the DIY necklace! And I totally feel for you about the H&M wedges, I've tried to buy a cape the other day and it wasn't available until late November either :s

xx Iris

Hannah said...

I am in love with that necklace from Temporary Secretary! xxx

Ashleigh. said...

hey, you commented on my blog earlier and i knew that if i just replied on there you probably wouldn't see it. I stil consider myself to be quite new to the blogging world but i absoloutley love it. You've made a lovely start to your blog and all the best of luck with it! Thankyou so much for your comment aswell. xxx

Ashleigh. said...

and if you don't mind me asking, how did you find my blog :)?

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love your boots!!! they look amazing!!

Charlotte said...

amazing boots!!
can't wait to see you style them :]]]
thank you for your lovely comment, it means so much :]]]
i am following you now :]]]

Charlotte xxx