Wednesday, 27 October 2010

J'adore Accessories

My friends (all 8 of you, woo!) I have been suffering from a bad case of the flu for the past 5 days, and though I had intended to wear some beautiful outfits over the weekend to use in an OOTW post, I have in fact been living in my pyjamas. Now as fabulous as my multi-coloured stripy Old Navy pyjamas are, I don't think they're worth a picture, and my un-washed hair and greasy skin certainly isn’t!

So instead my lovelies treat your eyes to this feast of accessories! I took these photos a while ago, for no reason other than that I am in love with my new jewellery box (from my amazing trip to Marrakesh in the summer), and wanted to document it in all its glory.

Orange Jewellery Box - Casablanca Souk, Assorted Necklaces and Brooches - My Grandma's and Charity Shop Finds, Sunglasses - Primark, Fascinator - Afflecks Palace, Shoes - KG by Kurt Geiger, Pink Clutch - Jimmy Choo for H&M, Brown Handbag - Vintage, Gold Purse - Vintage 'Glomesh', Green Hat - Vintage, Perfume - Princess by Vera Wang, Clock Necklace - Accessorize, Chunky Gold Chain - Urban Outfitters, Cinderella Jewellery Box - Disney World, Eyeshadows & Lipstip - Barry M

My boyfriend and I moved into a new flat in September for 3rd year and whilst unpacking I started to re-discover bits and pieces that had been buried in a box or suitcase all summer and placed them delicately around the empty shell of a room. I thought my jewellery boxes looked cute on this little drawer unit as it has a glass shelf which reflects the light in the room, and usually always keep my black fascinator and fave pair of sunnies on ‘Vivienne’ my little wig dummy, from there I just started to dress the picture. I used most of my favourite bits and pieces in these photos, and I love how exciting and colourful the outcome is. I’ve just made a little collage of the pictures in ‘Polaroid frames’ to make it a bit more of an interesting post while I’m wrapped up in my duvet with a mug of Lemsip, but they've come out all horrid and grainy, so here are a few nice big digitals..

Hope you like the pics in this little impromptu filler post! Do have some favourite accessories that are just so beautiful they’re like works of art? I barely ever wear my KG’s but I could look at them all day. And how do you store your jewellery, various jumbled boxes, or a more sumptuous display? My best friend hangs her necklaces and earrings in an old bird cage, gorgeous.

Loves VW x

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un petit lapin said...

That's a gorgeous collection of treasures. I went to Marrakech a couple of years ago, there was so much to see and so much colour everywhere.