Sunday, 19 December 2010

Perusing in Perth - Day 1

Hello lovies! I must apologise for the lack of posting, I had some beautiful things planned for last week - eg. what to wear for travelling and also this cute little winter outfit showing my patriotic side (a thick wooly jumper that used to be my mum's with the Aussie flag on it!), but alas I underestimated everything I had to do and the little time I had to do it & never got around to taking photos!

ANYWAY! I'm in Australia now!! Woop! I arrived yesterday afternoon, but the dredded jet lag took hold after my 26 hour trip & I spent the last few hours of daylight having a nap after my mother had dragged me round the house showing me everything, she used to do the same every time I came home from uni back in England, so it felt very familiar hehe!

The weather here is lovely, very sunny yesterday when I arrived and my parents went for a swim in our backyard pool while I napped, but today it was a bit over cast! The estate agent called it 'shark weather', which kind of scared me, but I'm not a beach gal and NEVER swim in the sea, so I suppose it was fine! When I say overcast, well anyone reading this from Aus may well know, this meant too hot to wear anything more than a vest and shorts, bloody humid/heavy air and in the morning I spent about an hour laying by the pool reading and would have burnt without sunscreen on!

It's been so nice just seeing my family again, and we literally had a completely relaxed day, mooching around the house/garden and then on a driving tour of the area. We went for a late lunch at a 'Dome' pub, which is some kind of chain here, and was really yummy, and also spent a few hours wondering around a show home village!

The houses here are just soooo bloody amazing, and cheap! Like millionaire pads back home in England, but out here they're only about £500,000 for a 5 bed house with pool and cinema room and all sorts of great stuff! I'm totally in awe, and am definatly considering a day in the future, when The Boyf and I are all grown up, moving out with the kiddy-winks <3.. maybe.

Posing in one of the luxury show homes! Vogue posters on the wall = my kind of house!

These post is obviously more of a travel diary than anything fashion related, but the pics do show me in one of my favourite summer outfits, which was perfect for todays weather too, I got the vest and shorts in the end of summer sales (see how I wear them at home in the cold winter weather here!) My hair probably doesn't look its best in any of these pictures - I had a proper freak out this morning, there is no hair dryer in the house because my mum says she 'doesn't need one' and I wasn't informed of this until I arrived, otherwise obviously I would have packed one. Not only that but my beauty inept family apparently don't use conditioner (even when they swim in the pool every day, I know crazy right!?) so until we go to a supermarket tomorrow I'm a bit scared of the hair situation!

Vest - Topshop (sale £2), Shorts - River Island (sale £10), Flip Flops - Accessorize, Sunnies & Bag - Primark

These pictures are taken at Mullaloo Beach, we just popped down after lunch, as it started to rain a tiny bit, so I could meet the Indian Ocean for the first time, hehe, and get a feel for it all. Oh my gosh the ocean is so blue, and the sand so white, beautiful! Without my wonderful boyfriend to take pictures of me I was left in the hands of my brother, he didn't do a bad job did he?! I reckon he'll be up to scratch before the fornight is gone! When I sat on the sand dunes I said to Jack, how likely is it that there are snakes or other creepy/deadly wildlife here and he said, 'oh don't worry, there won't be any!', when we ran back to my dad afterwards he said 'oh I probably should have told you, there's a sign over there saying beware of snakes near the sand dunes'!!! Haha!

More chats and pictures to come of my fun family break in the sun!
Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas holidays and if you're in the UK, gutted about all the snow :-p, I got out of England just in time, I think Heathrow closed only about 12 hours later!! It all looks very festive at home though I suppose. I'm off to decorate our Christmas tree now!

VW x
Me and my little (taller than me) brother, the wind blew just as I took the pic, haha!


Claudia Paola. said...

Wow!! 26 hours is a loooong trip! But it looks like it was worth it! Your pictures are beautiful. Have a great time!

Claudia from Molto ❤ Fashion

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love your pictures!! i hope your trip is going well!!

Kb said...

Wow it's great you managed to make it over there, I'd gladly swap climates at the moment! Looks like you're having a great time and have a lovely Christmas!

thrifted drifter said...

awww... you and your brother look alike:)