Wednesday, 1 December 2010

OOTW - Winter Hates My Face

Like the rest of the country snow finally reached us yesterday, typically on the day I had to make my way into town, so I wrapped up warm in preparation for the chilly and perilous walk to the bus stop... and then sneakily bagged a lift from a very lovely friend (Charlotte Davies you rock!).

After donning my two pairs of tights, two pairs of socks, vest top, dress, jumper, cardigan, coat, scarf, gloves and earmuffs, I realised I didn't go to all this effort to look stylish a warm and no one even see me (I spent the next 7 hours inside Toni & Guy, mostly wrapped in one of those black gowns), so I was brave and ventured into the snow for an outfit post... with mixed results. My face is blue and I have a very miserable frozen expression in most of these pictures, so only chose a few to put up, oh dear.

Jumper - Vintage (Retro Rehab), Dress (seen as skirt) - Vintage, Cardigan - H&M mens, Scarf - H&M, Socks - M&S, Wellies - a gift from Francesca years ago, Earmuffs - Primark, Necklace - Accessorize 

The snow was a lot thicker today, a good 4/5 inches, and much much colder, I don't think I've ever seen snow this deep, especially not this early in the season! Oh & you should know I slipped and fell on my bum last night walking home, I am so achy, have a huge bruise and feel like I broke my hip. It's official, I HATE snow & it hates me :-(

These are not just snowy photos either, they also serve as my 'Before' shots, as when I got home last night The Boyf dutifully took some pictures of my new hair, I'm wearing the same outfit minus the tights and scarf, so its fun to see the contrast and how much a hairstyle effects your outfit. Though since it was dark and subzero temperatures outside we took them in the hallway. Will post them tomorrow.

Gosh you must all be fed up of snow posts by now? I swear its the only news going on in this country, everything has grinded to a halt, and us fashion conscious bloggers are out there in the frost taking photos, what are we like ay!?

Happy 1st of December by the way (and Happy Hanukkah incidentally, if any of you are of the Jewish persuasion!), are you all getting into the festive spirit with this weather? I ventured into town this afternoon for a spot of Christmas shopping and the German Market, I have to say it was nice with the huge snow flakes falling all around us as we wondered the market, mulled wine in hand, very picturesque. I bought a onesie from Primark for myself so am cuddle up on the sofa right now in my giant fleecy baby grow, hehe, I may look ridiculous but my feet sure are toasty!

Loves, VW x


PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

i love the sweater of the dress!!! it looks so cute and the snow looks so lovely :)

Charlotte said...

good idea to wear a dress and a jumper over the top in this weather!!
i am also completely sick of snow!!
i really, really miss the german markets :[[

Charlotte xxx

mode. said...

super cute boots! i wish it would snow here. :(