Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It Was Acceptable in The Eighties...

Hey lovers! I know I said I wouldn't be posting for a while due to the huge mountain of work I have due this week but.. I just couldn't resist showing you this little outfit I put together yesterday!

Blouse - Label says 'Notto' by way of Ebay, Skirt - H&M, Belt - Primark, Socks - Primark, Trainers - Reebok from Office, Cardi - Topshop, Necklace - DIY (see how here)

I got this blouse off ebay a couple of weeks ago for just £3 (including p&p), and whilst I know that most people would think its boarder-line hideous, I am in love. I have had that 'I just don't know what to wear with my new hair colour' thing since Tuesday, seriously you've got to re-think your whole wardrobe, I put on my purple Uniqlo heat-tech roll neck on the weekend and boy did it look baaaadd with the aubergine neck right there near my tangerine hair, the foods don't go, and neither do the colours! But anyway, I'm happy to have found that this shirt, although kind of clashy and very eighties, looks pretty good. It has shoulder pads in, which I wasn't sure about, but the sleeves wouldn't sit right if I took them out and looking at these pictures quite like the weird contrast the wide shoulders provide with my tight skirt. I have an obsession with buttoning up my blouses all the way, as you may have noticed...

Yes, I went with the 80's theme and added my freestyles, which match my hair <3 haha. Oh, and the picture in my flat at the bottom is where I'm laughing my head off because we were taking shots on the landing at like midnight and then we heard voices get close to the neighbours door and we were like 'shit they're coming out, this is so embarassing' and ran inside giggling - I just thought it was a cute 'outake'!

Anyone reading this fancy doing me a HUGE favour? To help with my copious amounts of work please leave me 3 little words as a comment? I have to do a chapter of my project on 'My Personal Style', which I mentioned here, I'd like to include some 'primary research', so I thought hearing other people's opinions would be good. Have a little look at my previous posts etc and let me know 3 words that you think describe my personal style - they can be anything from adjectives, to celebrities you think I dress similar to, or colours, patterns, fabrics and eras.

Some responses I've had from friends etc include:
Unique, Fun & Individual,
Experimental Retro & Stylised,
Quirky, Elfin & Retro,
Sixties, Care-free & Viv Westwood

And my personal favourites:
Perky, Fussy and Particular - from my Mum! Haha, she hates shopping with me, and gets upset when she buys me something and I don't like it, even when I tell her not to or she says its ok not to like it. I guess I am pretty choosey, but I like what I like!
Mismatched, Comfortable & Confused - is it weird that I love my fashion being described as confused?!


Thanks dolls,
VW x

PS. Hi & Welcome to you new followers, you rock, I suspect you may have found your way here from Dotties wonderful 'Stalker Report', so chuffed that she featured me right there with so many beautiful and accomplished bloggers <3 Colourless Colour is still a baby compared with these, so I totally appreciate the 'publicity' a such.


Charlotte said...

i picked up one similar in Savers and everyone else thought it was ugly so I didn't buy it and now I regret it!!
Okay, your style in 3 words?
Bright, ecclectic, retro :]]
I also wanted to put in "orange" for your shoes because I love the way you feature them, but I wasn't sure if it would work!!
Well done on the feature :]]

Charlotte xxx

Hannah said...

I adore your blouse! And it is such a good price for it!
3 words:
Exploding- because your outfits (and hair!) tend to have a lot of colour- quirky and inventive:)xxx

Rosie said...

Wow, that blouse is out-of-this-world, LOVE IT. Ebay is such a babe!
Goes beautifully with your hair too :)
Thanks for your comment: and yes, I always love looking at other people's knitwear :)

Rosie x

Sian said...

I love this outfit!! That blouse is absolutely amazing!! You work it so well with that skirt =) And the orange shoes too, just perfect!!

dottie said...

ahhh you look awesome. loving the shoes and the blouse...the shoulder pads take it to another level for me hah!

obviously it's hard to pick out three words to describe personal style for someone you've never met (I think attitude has so much to do with style)! But from your blog I'd say you're: pretty/feminine, playful, & eclectic :)

thanks for your compliment - my shoes are from Banana Republic from agessss ago! and it was fun to feature you front and centre on the stalker report. your blog is lovely! x

Poetry Is Life said...

im not very crazy of the blouse but the shoes and hair are adorable

PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

oh i love your blouse!!! it is so so pretty and what a awesome price!! and that is so greaat about the feature :)

Kb said...

I've gone for 'clashed, thfited, cool!' That blouse is an amazing bargain, I think it's great you're going all out with your style and it really complements the hair.

Anonymous said...

I love the blouse, the louder (and 80's-ish) the better! xo.

Jen said...

the blouse rocks. i'm obsessed too with buttoning shirts all the way up.

I'd say your style is - Daring, Fun and Bold.



Sands said...

Your blouse is gorgeous!! And so is your hair. ;)