Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Lady-like Look

Hello again chums, arn't you lucky, I'm getting rather frequent in my outfit posting - third one this week, wow! I have to admit, this was rather forward planning; I took the photos mid week, knowing I'd want to post this weekend but would probably be a slob and not want to show off my over-sized jumpers and leggings.
Dress - Vintage, Cardi - Roxy (Charity Shop), Bag - Vintage (My mums), Shoes - Primark, Earrings - Sportsgirl

This dress is one that sits nestled in my wardrobe, but is neglected for some reason. I think its because its so ladylike, and I don't often feel ladylike to be honest ;-) I kind of think of it as my 'librarian dress', but maybe thats a bit unfair, librarians I've met are rarely this well dressed. Haha.
It's incredibly hard to photograph, but this little vintage beautie is impecably cut, and has brilliant detailing. The wing tipped collar, single pearlescent button, puffed shoulders, perfect midi sleeve, a-line skirt, small peplum and tie up bow at waist <3 All made of slightly stretchy floral fabric, wowee. I really should start wearing it more! And it only cost £15, from my favourite vintage thrift store, almost two years ago now, oh goodness I'm getting old, I can't believe I'm graduating in 6 months, ahh!
Simply styling - classic black court shoes, and again my aran knit cardi. I wanted to wear grey longline cardi, but it was in the wash, and is maybe a little thin to wear just under my trench at the moment, as the last couple of days the cold snap seems to have returned! My friend at uni loved that my earrings almost look like they are made out of my dress fabric, I wish! I think next time I will be braver and wear red lipstick, my face looks a little plain. The bag was my mums, I assume from the 80's, but you can't fill it with anything too heavy or it pops open, how annoying.
Not much to say for once! Friday night TV is so boring, I guess its because most people are out having a life. The Boyf and I watched James Bond Golden Eye on DVD with some wine instead, he finally finished his exams and had an interview today, so its nice chill out time! Hot chocolate before snuggling up in bed, yes please.
I've just realised basically all my best shots are sans face, you're probably all sick of my ugly mug muscling in on the outfit posts anyway haha. I've also noticed I REALLY need to get my hair re-coloured, all these poses with my head down = really bad roots! I don't think I can get away with calling it 'ombre hair' do you?

Hope you all had a wonderful week!
Loves, VW x


Anonymous said...

That dress is bloody lovely, I love the puffy sleeves. Also think red lipstick woulda been a nice touch!
Don't say ugly mug, ya sill. You look lovely :) xo.

Anonymous said...

P.S Oh, your comment really made me laugh btw bout our home town! xo.