Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Like a Kid in a Sweet Shop

This outfit was so thrown together, but I think it turned out pretty well, although the pictures didn't really come out like I'd hoped! 
It all started with pulling on my old faithful H&M treggings, even though they were lifted from the dirty clothes pile mounting up on the floor. The treggings had been consigned to this pile, even though I'd only worn them once this week, because they have little mud marks up the back - I kick horrible black muddy mulch up because I walk stupidly. Oh and I dropped a bit of my dinner on them near the top the night before... but like a true student I wasn't going to let this put me off. I had to wear the treggings because I've thrown all my tights out (growing my nails seemed like a great idea, but the damn things snag on all my tights and create great gaping holes and ladders), and its waaay to cold to go bare legged.
I hadn't a clue what I was going to wear with these treggings, and was feeling particularly uninspired by my wardrobe, I really wanted to wear and dress, and my head was being stubborn and wouldn't pick anything else out. But I did know I wanted to try out my new red lipstick. I've never worn red liptick before, except when I was about 5 and used to lick red smarties and wipe them over my lips, but I don't think that counts? Is just me that used to do that? Anyway, this is when I started to go a bit wild, like a kid in a sweet shop, I frantically rooted through my draws and jumper boxes.
I'm a H&M mannequin actually. Shirt, Jumper & Treggings, all H&M. Socks - Primark, Shoes - Kandee, Earrings - Sportsgirl, Lips - 'Kiss' No. 41 GOSH.
Suddenly I really wanted to wear my old mickey mouse jumper (I say old, I got it 2 years ago), it was like a beakon of light, all bright and colourful and crazily childlike. It would go perfectly with my red 'smartie' lips. But alas it has shrunk from too many 40 degree washes. If i wore the tiny shrunken jumper it would come up really short on the body and then you'd see the top of my treggings, and the dinner stain!! Plus it might just look really stupid?! 
I start grappling again... oh I want to wear these new earrings, they're so pretty, and have red on them, that would go nice with the lippy, but wait, focus, earrings arn't going to help with the naked top half dilemma. Now I want to wear a bow in my hair, a pink one, like Minnie is wearing on the jumper. But I don't have a pink scarf, poo. Ohhh you know what I reeeally want to wear, my NEW SHOES!! But I can't wear my new shoes, I'm going shopping in town for an afternoon, not going for a night on the town. The shoes are really not appropriate. But they're new... and soooo pretty... 
How could I wear all the pretty multicoloured things, and still be warm, and not show off my stains? None of them match, nothing works! Then I spy the shirt. Could it fit under the tiny jumper? It would be long enough to cover the dinner stain! And it has a collar, thats almost as fun as a bow... Oh hell, i'll just throw it all on and look like a whole tube of smarties, you only live once.
Ok, so unfortunatly I didn't actually wear the wedges, I put on my brogues for shopping, but look how pretty they are!!! And how fun and crazy is this outfit!? The shoes just make it! 
Yes that's a limited edition Barbie doll dressed as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde 2, yes it's mine. I think its cool.
I introduced it to the pictures for a childlike quality like the lolly, but then I didn't really know what to do with her.
The shoes in themselves are actually a lovely story, which fit perfectly with the post title, because they are 'Refresher Wedges' from Kandee and I got them for FREE! A brilliant old friend/collegue of mine knows the designer or something, and when he saw the range, in all their sweety coloured glory, thought of me :-) He asked which ones I liked, and what size I'd need and although my first though was 'get the orange ones, get the bright orange shoes!!', they were stilettos, and I just thought, when will I ever wear those neck brakers? Then I saw the wedges, and fell in love. They also come in pastel pink and yellow 'Dolly Mix', but the Refresher was for me, just look at that electric blue suede!! They're the kind of shoes I'd never buy myself, but always pick up and admire, maybe have a sneaky try on, but couldn't afford. They were £90 or something after all (though real leather suede and perfectly made, so worth every penny).
The good news for you is... if you check out the beautiful website there's a sale on, and you can get these babies for a tenner!! Plus some other brilliant bargains! Hurry, they only have limited sizes left! I freaking love their sweety related names, if only they had the 'bubble gum pump' or 'fruit salad peep toe' in my size!! And I'm loving the 'cherry bombs'!
What do you think of my 'Smartie Tube' outfit?!
VW x

PS. I LOVE red lips, but the colour rubs off everywhere :-( Is this me just being special? How do I get it to stay put and stop leaving red smudges on my hands etc!? I'm worried I'll accidently smear it all round my face!!
PPS. I bought 6 pairs of tights in town, so I can go back to wearing clean clothes. haha.


Poetry of the Day said...

this shirt is adorable and i believe i have seen a similar pattern, perhaps i owned one

Anonymous said...

I love it, you're always so colourful lol xo.

Ashley said...

Eek I love this outfit! Not very many people could pull it off, but you manage to ridiculously well. So cute, so bright, so...wonderful.

Thanks for your awesome comment on my blog! I loved reading it and am glad you stopped by, since it lead me to find your blog!

I don't seem to have that problem with red lipstick, sorry! :S I always wear gloss over it, though...maybe that would help? And a lip liner? I'm not totally sure. It's difficult for me to get mine on straight, so I'm obviously not an expert.