Monday, 14 February 2011

Be My, Be My,.... Be My Little Rock and Roll Queen

I don't want you to 'Be My Valentine', I think it's lame. You may have already seen this on my Twitter (yes I got Twitter last week, follow me people)!
I just don't see the point - *enter cynical comments about commercial holiday invented by clintons cards, florists and chocolatiers (is that even a word/profession?)*. Anyway, I just think, as a person in a happy long-term relationship, that you shouldn't need a day on the calender to express your love for one another, 1 - you should be saying 'I love you' everyday, 2 - I think its much more romantic to be surprised with flowers or something on any random given day. I don't even like red roses, they're so, blah. I'd much rather get a single pink or orange gerbera[daisy], my favourite kind of flower, when I've had a bad day at Uni or to congratulate me on something than others might find really trival (like a good grade or something), than a dozen roses today.

Ok so that rant's over and done with! I hope you all enjoy your Valentines Day whatever you're doing and however you feel about the 'Holiday'!!
Skirt - Miss Selfridge (in the sale down to £12), Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Cropped Jumper - H&M, Red Leotard (underneath) - Topshop, Boots - Ebay, Socks - Primark, Bag - Vintage. Hair - T&G Academy.
Do you like my outfit? The photos are kind of sucky, we took them really quickly when I got home for the hairdressers the other day, as I needed photo for my CollegeFashionista bio, and didn't have any recent outdoor ones! But, I LOVE THIS SKIRT. Ok ok so we're [supposed to be] heading in to spring, so a long black skirt is probably not the most fashion forward piece to buy right now, and maybe I'm a bit behind the curve, it was in the end of season sale after all. But then I just don't care. I like it.
I'm loving embracing the whole 'new lengths' thing with skirts and dresses. It's funny how feminine I feel wearing this long black swishy skirt, and it's so comfy in a lovely light pleated jersey. I like the juxtaposition of the length and all the hard black leather, but then wearing heels and a soft light jumper (which is also new). I'm wearing my red floral leotard underneath, which you can't really see in the pictures, but looked so cute and went well with my new red hair.

Speaking of the hair, what do you think? The brightness has kind of washed out a bit now (as they used a bright colour wash for the presentation - I had it done as demo model at T&G again) and its actually way more red/auburn than I wanted, it looks kind of natural :-( haha, whereas I would have liked it bright orange again. But hey-ho, it was free,and its sorted out the darks roots/light hair fiasco!
The lighting was a bit weird and crap on this side of the street, but I like the picture for some reason, so have included it!
VW x


Anonymous said...

I love your smiley pic, also loving the skirt length. Alot easier to wear then you originally think, right? x

Anonymous said...

your hair is awesome! red hair always looks amazing with black clothes!!

Anonymous said...

Your skirt looks lovely. I think the orange hair looked better but the red still looks nice. :)

Rosie said...

The new skirt length looks amazing on you, especially in the pleat style.
I wish I had your hair too.
[In reply to your comment: the film is pretty friendship/love focused but the sci-fi stuff does come through too. I imagine a lot more so in the book though, and I can't wait to read it!]

Rosie x

Ashley said...

OMG, I love your hair! Mine was that color once and it looked terrible on me. I'm jealous! It's a hard shade to pull off but it looks so right on you!

I suppose, deep down, I agree with your opinions on Valentine's Day. But I hate a lot of stuff and to hate on Valentine's Day would probably put me over the edge, so I've made peace with it and quite enjoy it now.

I'm loving the length of your skirt...I haven't started trying new lengths yet but I really should. Right now, it's either really short or really long for me, and not much in between. I know I must be missing out!

magnolia*mama said...

perfect hair color, I think xo

Hannah said...

I enjoy a good v day rant, love you hair colour and how you've turned that floaty skirt into a pretty edgy outfit

Bow Dream Nation xx

BenchesandChandeliers said...

love the length of that skirt, and the neutral top you paired with it.

Mo said...

This is an amzing outfit! Love your hair too! x

Rebecca Lucy said...

Love your outfit <3
Your hair is such a beautiful colour! My hairs in desperate need of a cut and colour :s
Great blog, now a follower & on twitter xx

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahhh i love this so much, you seem to have a collection of wonderful clothing, great blog!! I shall follow :)

ashton said...

your hair is so cool!

crystal glamour said...

love your pics, hair and outfit :)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

love your skirt! x hivennn

Elizabeth of PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

i really love this outfit!!! the skirt and leather jacket look awesome together :) i totally love your title to that is like one of my favourite songs ever!!

Anonymous said...

really love you hair :) and the outfit is simply gorgeous x