Friday, 25 February 2011

I'm Gonna be a Supermodel, and Everyone is Gonna Dress Like Me...

Ok guys, so I'm really sorry I've been kind of off the grid recently! I spent was on my lovely friend Hannah's hen weekend (for whom I am one of the bridesmaids) from Friday til Monday in Bournemouth (but the pictures are too drunken and embarassing to put on here haha) and returned to Manchester feeling incredibly ill. I fought through it to participate in The Retro Show presented by La Mode, which I mentioned a few posts ago, and then came straight home to curl up in bed and die from the flu/tonsilitus :-(
Here are a selection of photos that have cropped up on facebook from the show, there are rather a lot, enjoy!

'Backstage' with some of the other beautiful models....

On the catwalk...
(Modelling clothes from Pop Boutique, Loving Vintage and Junk Shop - all located in Manchester's Northern Quarter)
It was such a great night, I only wish I hadn't felt so ill so I could have stayed for proper drinks and partying! I'm hoping to make a quick recovery from this horrific illness as I have a train ticket all booked to go to Cambridge tomorrow to see my bestest friend Francesca for belated 21st birthday fun, and then a bridesmaid dress fitting in London on Monday morning on my way back!

In other news, my first proper article for CollegeFashionista went up on Monday, so check it out here and 'like' and 'tweet' away if you havn't seen it already :-)

I hope you've all had a fab week, I havn't even had a chance to catch up on all your posts, or get back to people on comments - I'm really sorry about this!! I'll get back on it all next week with outfit posts and such between the mountains of uni work I have to catch up on.

Loves, VW x

(NB. All photos by Thom)


Anonymous said...

I actually love these pics, I just saw them on FB. I love what they done to your hair, hope ya feel better xo.

Elizabeth of PrettyNiftyThriftyFashion said...

i love your outfit in that last photo those shorts are awesome!!!

BenchesandChandeliers said...

how fun! love the lighting and colors in these photos.

Tazz Gault said...

Sorry I haven't commented on here for a while - I have also been vacant on the blogging world recently!

Did you enjoy Bournemouth? I live in Salisbury so just round the corner recently :) You seem to be travelling around the UK a lot actually! I basically go to Bournemouth, Southamptom and Cambridge as my brother lives there - how boring?!

Have to say you look amazing for being so ill - it looks like it all went really well. There's sooo much going around atm isn't there? I came back from Russia literally dying I swear haha! Hope you're feeling better now though :)

Congrats on your article

Ohh, and the word verification for this is 'dress.' Thought I'd share that with you!