Monday, 16 May 2011

Back by Overwhelming Demand

There wasn't really any overwhelming demand, just The Boyf and my mum actually.. haha. So anyway, I'm back. I took a nice long break from the blog to sort out dissertation, then work experience, then revision and exams, but now all that has passed...
Here are a few snaps from way back when (the Easter holidays actually, so not that long ago), of the famously brilliant orange trousers. I hope they don't let you down... to me they really are the most amaing trousers I own. I even bought a pair in red 2 weeks ago because, well, who doesn't want red trousers? And they are so darn comfy and fit perfectly. Yes I'm going to get them in green too when they're back in stock in my size. Obsessed much.
Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge
S/S knit jumper - H&M
Orange Trousers - Zara Kids
Heels - Vintage (BCBGirl)
My hair looks gross, really long and grown out. I didn't mind that much, as it was grown out for my friends wedding, and looked fab on the day. But then of course once the wedding was over I didn't have a woman to blow dry and style it for me, so it just looked far too plain and sensible for me, despite the compliments I had receieved. Naturally, I popped into Toni & Guy for a little demo modelling on Tuesday and had it all cut off, hurrah! I'll post pictures when I get round to it... but its quite simliar to thissame cut but no pink this time, more yellow with the orange.
Yea, I'm hiding my face in all these pictures, I wasn't wearing any makeup so just used my long blonde mop to block out my blotchy face, at least it was good for something ;-)
I'd like to introduce you my beautiful new shoes - they're orangey and metallic and made of soft worn in buttery leather, with a little platform and decent height heel. All things I am attracted to in a shoe to be honest, so when I saw them in the 'vintage' YMCA at home I couldn't resist trying them on. They didn't have a price on though, I didn't want or need them enough to pay £10-£20 (as the other shoes were labelled).
I went and asked the guy and he didn't really know and the manager was at lunch, so he just randomly said £5! When I got home I realised they said BCBGirl inside, turns out they're the old version of BCBGeneration, part of the BCBG Max Azaria company, the range retails for like $90 - $150 as a sort of youth diffusion line.

They're really comfy, and look perfect with my orange trews :-) I wore this outfit to the dentist to get a filling actually (ewww & ouchhyy) because it made me feel happy and confident. Then we spent the morning charity shopping to cheer me up and distract me until my mouth de-numbed and I was allowed to eat lunch. I bought another pair if shoes (£4) and a few bits and pieces that my mum collects, for mothers day - vintage war comics and buttons.
Since I'm finished uni now (FOREVER!!), I'm just sitting at home searching for jobs, so I'll try to get posting regularly, I do have rather alot of new bits and pieces to show you! 

Ciao bellas,
VW x


HRLambert said...

They are some awesome orange trousers, i brought a red pair of three quarter lengths in a sale the other day. Bright RED!!!

Miss Dolly said...

Wow - I love those trousers. Zara is the best store at the moment for bright stuff. I went in there the other day and wanted pretty much everything.

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the triangle bra issue. I totally get what you mean about sometimes wanting less up top for a nicer silhouette. I think I'll buy one and try it out, if only for the nipple induced awkwardness ha.