Monday, 23 May 2011

Stylist for the Weekend

What have I been doing all week you ask? Now that I'm just another job-less, almost homeless, graduate in the big wide world?
Mainly watching daytime TV of course. I am a Come Dine With Me ADDICT. I also re-discovered Neighbours after about 10 years (although I'm pretty sad Harold and Lou are no longer, I'm quite content to at least still have The Kennedys, some things never change eh!?) and spent about 4 days hopelessly watching back-to-back old re-runs of Location Location Location and Dragons Den.

But then... I was lured in by ASOS' facebook page, offering a festival outfit styling competition (the winner gets tickets to Ibiza Rocks) and I havn't looked back.
I am now obsessed with styling festival outfits on FashionFinder (like Polyvore but more high-street items I have a hope of buying, rather than net-a-porter beauties I can't afford!)
Pictured are a few of my favourites, but I have made like 15!! The Boho-Luxe one (below) is on the ASOS facebook page as an example and has like almost 50 likes, ah! To be honest I don't care that much about winning, I just like playing at being a stylist, and it's lovely when people like the outfits I've created! Finally I've found the hobby I've always dreamed about, I dont' even have to get out of bed to participate, yipee.
Check it out people, the comp is on for another month, and you can use it just like Polyvore to style outfits for all sorts of occasions not just the competition. You can't flip, rotate or crop the items though, slightly annoying!

Going to any festivals this year? I'm not :-(
Unless I win of course, then I'll see y'all in Ibiza bitches, haha.

VW x

PS. Not to sound like a total sad act, I did go to lunch at Nandos and a wonder round the shops on Saturday with my friend Charlotte, and successfully disstracted The Boyf from revision on (Orange) Wednesday to see the new Pirates of the Carribean, have dinner in Henry J Beans, play pool (I won, wooohooo) and have a cocktail :-) So I do get out sometimes, haha. Plus I'm job hunting... know any fashion buyers? Drop me an email, desperately seeking any and all offers.


lady liquor vintage. said...

I absolutely adoreee the top one, I would definitely wear everything! & I've just got myself Parklife tickets today, so excited!


are you dressing up or dressing down said...

Perfect styling suggestions. Myfavourite is the first :).

Helen, X

Miss Dolly said...

You should go to the fashion recruitment fair in Manc on Friday. It's only a fiver to go, and looks like it could offer some opportunities - I'm totally in the same position as you.

It says you should take a CV and portfolio...something I am lacking in. I have no idea how to present one at all!

Also, I love that maxi skirt in your first collage. Gorgeous colour!

Emma said...

all these combos are great, i love the burgundy skirt the most though